Discipleship Bands

"Come, follow Me," Jesus said, "And I will make you into fishers for people."

Mark 1:17

In the New Testament, believers in Jesus were not usually referred to as Christians but as disciples.  In the calling of the first disciples, Jesus explained what the calling entailed.  To be a disciple is to follow Jesus (“Come follow me”), to be transformed by Jesus (“And I will make you”), and to be committed to the mission of Jesus (“fish for people”).  At The Gathering, you’ll encounter a unique opportunity to grow as a disciple of Christ, as well as to grow in the fellowship and accountability you have with other believers.  We call these discipleship bands.

As a member of a band, every day (or as often as possible), you will read a short passage of Scripture, record some observations and applications in a journal, and pray over what God is teaching you.  Then you’ll gather with 3 - 4 other Christians on a weekly basis to discuss what you’ve learned over the previous week.  This group will also act as a source of accountability, so each group is made of believers of the same gender.  Accountability partners help each other to understand and learn from Scripture, share with each other how God is helping each one grow, and encourage and challenge each other in life’s joys and struggles.  Then you’ll spend some time in prayer for each other and for those who aren’t yet believers.

These “Bands” have been transformational for many at the Gathering and have resulted in substantial spiritual growth.  If you would like more information, contact us and let us know.   

Weekly Meetups

Time and Locations Vary

Each discipleship band meets weekly in different places and online! Contact us to inquire about what groups might be meeting in your area.

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