Our Story

A Brief History

The First Pilgrim Holiness Church of West Monroe (which eventually became New Life Wesleyan) was founded in the 1950s.  The heartbeat of the church has always been for children and youth.  While loving and ministering to the entire family was always the goal, the small facility presented a challenge for many years.  In 2015, the church began to pray for a new location and in 2016, God began answering prayers that led to a relaunch of THE GATHERING.

The Four Prayers

Prayer 1: Our previous building, which a consultant advised us to list for $179,000, would sell for at least $225,000.  ANSWERED PRAYER: The building sold for $245,000.

Prayer 2: We would be able to purchase a facility listed at $678,000 for $500,000.  ANSWERED PRAYER: We bought our building for $525,000.  The additional $25,000 answered a prayer that we had not even been praying.  For the extra amount, the building came fully furnished and we received a church van.

Prayer 3: Our Wesleyan district would help us with repairs at an approximate cost of $82,000.  ANSWERED PRAYER:  Through the generous hearts of family and friends and a matching gift of $40,000 from the district, that $82,000 was raised in a years time.

Prayer 4: Our final prayer was also the oldest prayer that we had as a church body:  That we would be debt free.  ANSWERED PRAYER:  Through the incredible generosity of an anonymous donor, in addition to many who faithfully give on a regular basis, as of February 2019, we became debt free.
We have been in our current location since June 2016.  God has blessed us with upgrades and add-ons to our facilities, giving us new opportunities to bless our community.  He has already done infinitely more than we could ask or imagine.  We love our neighborhood and are always looking for new ideas and opportunities to be involved in our community.  Our prayer is that our neighborhood will be blessed because of our presence.